Approach to Public Outreach Plan

As part of the public outreach plan for the gas network and EGI expansion SEA, two rounds of open public briefings in the study area are proposed along with supplementary sector specific meetings.

Round 1 of the outreach plan was undertaken from 01-13 November 2017 (please see the meeting programme below). Six public briefings were undertaken in Cape Town and George (Western Cape), in East London (Eastern Cape), in Durban (KwaZulu-Natal), in Johannesburg (Gauteng) and in Springbok (Northern Cape).

The objective of the Round 1 outreach was to introduce stakeholders to the SEA process and discuss the contents of the scope of work. The proposed draft corridors have been released on the project website and were open to public comment. Comments received via the website, email and during the public meetings were read and considered by the Project Team and relayed to the project partners and Multi-Author Specialist Teams (as applicable), but not responded to on an individual basis.

Round 2 of the public outreach will be undertaken following the release of the specialists’ assessments for public comment ~June/July 2018.


Round 1: SEA Process and Scope of Work, 1 November – 13 November 2017

  • Release proposed draft Gas and EGI expansion corridors for comments on project website and during stakeholder meetings
  • Six briefing meetings in WC, EC, KZN, GP and NC (Public meetings open to all, advertised accordingly)
  • Close comments on draft corridors, comments to be considered but not responded to individually. Publish draft refined corridors on project website.

Round 2: SEA Process and Specialist Studies, June/July 2018

  • Release draft specialist assessments for comment on project website
  • Six to eight briefing meetings in WC, EC, KZN, GP and NC (Public meetings open to all, and will be advertised accordingly)
  • Close comments on specialist assessments, comments to be considered and responded to individually, where provided appropriately. Only written comments and comments during meetings will be considered and responded to. Publish Final corridors on project website.